Meghan Trainor Taps Nicki Minaj For Pop Jam “Nice To Meet Ya”


Newlywed Nicki Minaj has been enjoying her so-called retirement. The rap star returned to social media after a month’s hiatus showing off all of her curves while posing next to husband Kenneth Petty. It was no accident that the Queen rapper resurfaced at this moment in time because Nicki just happens to be featured on Meghan Trainor’s newly released single “Nice to Meet Ya.” 

During a recent appearance on The Real, Meghan revealed that after recording the song they knew it was going to be her next single. Her management also manages Nicki, so she pulled a few strings to get the rapper to listen to the track. They came back and told Meghan that Nicki not only liked the song but wanted to write a verse for it, and for Meghan, it was “bigger than the Grammys.” Check out the track and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Who you gon’ call when you ain’t got the, uh
Me and Meghan run up in the spot like, uh
I pop off ’cause I am the reigning champ
Please no comparisons ’cause you know they can’t
Had to cut the grass, it was snakes in the camp
They know I’m the billy, I be laughin’
One minute, I’m nice, the next, a monster


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