Melania Trump Wanted To “Drive Liberals Crazy” With “I Really Don’t Care” Jacket


The Trumps may have left the White House, but they are far from shirking from the spotlight. As an impeachment hearing looms, Melania Trump’s jacket has returned to center stage. In 2018, amid the reports about children being separated from their families by ICE in detention centers, Melania was photographed traveling while wearing a jacket that read, “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” The public was outraged, not just because she wore the jacket, but because she decided to sport it immediately after visiting a detention center in Texas.

Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, I Really Don't Care
Alex Wong / Staff / Getty Images

On Tuesday (January 26), a recording by Melania’s former best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was shared by Hollywood Life where the former First Lady allegedly speaks with her ex-bestie about the controversy. “We talked about it, he has nothing to do with that jacket. He knows he had nothing to do with the jacket,” Melania is reportedly heard saying in the audio about her stylist, Hervé Pierre.

Stephanie reportedly responds by saying that Pierre was receiving backlash. “Oh yeah, but that’s expected… because you know, because he’s helping me, but it’s not like that he’s dressing me all the time…I had the idea myself, he’s not like all the time that he’s the only one for everything,” Melania explained. Stephanie is then heard asking her friend why she bought the jacket in the first place.

Melania Trump, I Really Don't Care, Jacket, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
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“I’m driving the liberals crazy, that’s for sure,” Melania reportedly said while laughing. “That’s you know, that’s what everybody’s like, Oh my god, this is the worst. This is the worst. They are crazy.”

Stephanie has written a book,  Melania & Me: The Rise and Fall Of My Friendship With The First Lady, where she details her relationship with Mrs. Trump. She claims that Melania is “about attention, not intention,” and people have to understand that she desires news coverage.