Melii Explains Why She Has Decided To “Give Up All My Rights To My Music”


Fans are saddened to hear that Melii may be pulling the plug on her music career. The buzzing artist has been a favorite in both R&B and Hip Hop circles as she’s partnered with some heavy-hitters during her time in the industry, but she hasn’t been happy. There were rumors of discontent when she previously announced that she wouldn’t be releasing music in 2020, but she did recently resurface.

Melii was featured alongside Lil Wayne on Tory Lanez’s “Big Tipper,” and although fans praised her performance, what Melii has been experiencing in the industry has caused her to take a step back and reevaluate if a music career is something that she truly wants. 

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“The real reason I haven’t released music is because behind the scenes legally things have been going on but I decided as of today to give up all my rights to my music,” Melii wrote. “I no longer want to continue doing music off of the strength that in this business you can’t really trust.” She continued her thoughts in several additional tweets.

“I apologize to my fans but i don’t care to do music when it’s in other ppl hands and greed is the main reason,” she added. “Aside from just legal stuff, I haven’t been myself not in this industry or environment. You never know peoples real intentions with you and I say this to say Do what you love but when it becomes draining , gets u paranoid , u don’t feel ur self anymore and or start can’t figure out who is really on ur side just take the high road . There’s no need to live in a constant battle and being unsure of who is who.”

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Melii reiterated that she doesn’t trust anyone in the industry. “Ima leave off with saying that music was something that brung happiness to me and I rather keep that tiny bit of happiness that’s left to myself.” She later clarified that this has nothing to do with her current team or Interscope. Check out her posts below.

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