Melii Supports Summer Walker In Time Of Criticism: “Don’t Let Low Vibes Get To You”


There’s much being said about Summer Walker’s decision to cut back on her tour dates due to her social anxiety. Mental health advocates are cheering her on for creating boundaries for herself, while some fans have criticized her for alleged lackluster performances and disappointing meet-and-greets. The singer’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise considering she’s been vocal on social media about the perils of fame and attention.

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In recent weeks, pressure has grown for Summer as she’s fought publicly with producer boyfriend London On Da Track’s baby mama and answered back to a fan who expressed regret after a meet-and-greet. She recently told fans, “I want to continue to be healthy and to make music for y’all, so I have decided to cut down some of the dates on the tour. I hope you all can understand.”

New York artist Melii is currently on tour with Summer, and instead of being upset that she won’t be performing as many dates now that it’s been cut short, Melii has offered up support for her friend. The phAses singer shared a meme and penned a lengthy caption that praised Summer as not only an artist but as a person.

“U kill it every night n for those who don’t know, the experience is amazing n it’s what you make it ! Summer has inspired me to keep going, work harder and fall inlove with music again this experience has been an awakening for me n I want to thank you for this amazing opportunity and for reminding me why I love music !” Melii wrote.

She added that artists “choose the career but not the f*ck sh*t that come with it.” Then, Melii spoke directly to Summer when she gave her a bit of encouragement: “don’t let the low vibes get to u on this internet cuz in REAL LIFE PPL LOVE YOU ! N we’re cheering you on cuz we understand. Thank you for sharing your voice and allowing us to listen to quality music.. you keep a lot of us feeling good and unstoppable !…  ❤️NEVER FORGET UR A QUEEN !” Read her full message below.


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