Memphis Rapper Mendenhall Mendenhall 2x Killed In Front Of Gas Station: Report


A community is mourning the loss of a Memphis rapper after he was named as one of two people killed on Wednesday (April 14) evening. A local news station out of Memphis reportedly spoke with AC Blue, an artist from the area. On Thursday, Blue returned to the Valero gas station where his friend, Mendenhall Mendenhall 2x, real name Donterrius Johnson, was gunned down.

It is common to associate gun violence with the Rap community, but according to reports, Johnson’s death may have been a result of him, unfortunately, being “at the wrong place at the wrong time.” According to AC Blue, Johnson’s career was “just about to take off” and on the evening of his murder, “about three hundred to four hundred” people came to pay their respects.

A second victim, reported to be a juvenile, was alive when emergency responders arrived at the scene but later died at the hospital. The budding rapper was reportedly called dead at the scene. Channel 3 News out of Memphis reports that earlier in the day, a 20-year-old man named Noah Jones called the police and said that his car, a black Chevy Camero, had been “stolen at gunpoint in front of his home.”

Later, the aforementioned juvenile was seen arriving at the Valero gas station driving the stolen Camero. As the juvenile is in front of the station, rapper Mendenhall Mendenhall 2x, by chance, just happened to be there, as well. Four individuals reportedly opened fire at the juvenile and Johnson, killing both. One suspect was injured after being shot in the leg.

When Noah Jones went in to treat a gunshot wound to the leg at a local hospital, he was arrested. Jones reportedly later admitted to firing the shots. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.