MGK Seizes “Bud Light Baron” Title From A Broken Post Malone


As is the case for all good things, Post Malone’s long-reigning and uncontested tenure as the Bud Light Baron has come to a swift and decisive end. While many have tried and failed to defeat Posty, a renowned beer pong specialist and longtime sipper of suds, an equal number have collapsed under the pressure of letting fly that game-clinching throw. Pong balls skittered off the floor as opponents were forced to bask in Post Malone’s victorious cries, interrupted only by the inevitable chugging that followed.

Machine Gun Kelly Drinking Beer

 Venla Shalin/Redferns/Getty Images

Evidently, Posty’s reign was brought to a premature conclusion at the hands of none other than Machine Gun Kelly, who paired up with Tyla Yaweh (who once lost 50k to the Baron’s wiles) to administer the dagger in a heated game of beer pong against Malone and Smitty. In an ironic twist, it was Kelly himself who administered the proverbial “Killshot,” sinking a clutch throw that deflated Post Malone’s generally-affable spirits in a matter of seconds. The cheers emitted by the Rap Devil and his partner in crime were reminiscent of the Viking mess halls of yore; so the saying goes, to the victor go the spoils. 

Kelly proceeded to take his big World Pong League win to Instagram, sharing a clip of the highlight reel shot — a clip that wastes little time lingering on Post Malone’s broken spirit. “I knew I drank all these years for a reason,” reflects Kelly, his destiny becoming evident before his very eyes. “Big W’s.” Indeed, though Kelly should know that the Bud Light Baron title does not come without baggage. Many challengers will try to claim it for themselves, and it’s only a matter of time before another young upstart steps forward with truer hands and a fresher liver. 

Check out the footage, which happens to mark the end of an era as we know it, below.  

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