Miami Heat Rookie Tyler Herro Accidentally Leaks New Vice City Uniforms


The Miami Heat will be wearing an all-new powder blue “Miami Vice” uniform for select games in the 2019-20 season, following up the white, black and hot pink jerseys they’ve worn over the last few years.

The Heat have not yet officially introduced the latest Vice uniforms, but rookie guard Tyler Herro recently posted a photo on instagram in which you could see the jerseys hanging in the background. It had been rumored that Miami would be wearing blue “City Edition” uniforms, and Herro’s recent photo seemingly confirms those reports.

Check out the leaked photos in the tweets embedded below.

The former Kentucky Wildcats sharpshooter was selected 13th overall by the Miami Heat and the team has extremely high expectations for him as one of their franchise cornerstones. In fact, reports that one GM says the team views him as “the second coming of Klay Thompson.”


“They’ve been firm on him and (Bam) Adebayo being untouchable,” one GM told before Herro’s explosive night. “Maybe they would move off of that as the season goes on, but as it stands, they think they’ve got the second coming of Klay Thompson offensively. They have not had a lot of useful guys on rookie contracts in past years and that’s killed their cap. They’ve got two now, they don’t want to let them go.”

The Heat will open the season at home on Wednesday, October 23, as they host the Memphis Grizzlies. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the new Vice uniforms. 


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