Michael B. Jordan Has Finally Moved Out Of His Parents Home


Michael B. Jordan has kicked off the new decade is a major way since the 32-year-old Creed actor is no longer living with his parents after moving out of the California home he shared with his mom and dad. Michael recently paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the latter and his film Just Mercy that he’s all kinds of proud to be a part of. 

John Phillips/Getty Images 

“It happened!” Michael told Ellen and the audience. “It’s good. It’s nice. I’m pretty sure they saged the entire house when I left. Like, they lit incense and bleached it down and got rid of all of me and then I got a place.” He detailed how his new home is close enough for him to make it Sunday dinners and keep their close bond. 

On the topic of his Just Mercy film, starring Jamie Foxx, that follows a civil rights lawyer who takes on a case of an innocent death row prisoner, Michael said he wanted to play the role since the story is so “timely.” 

“It takes place 30 years ago, but it could have been yesterday,” he said. “That’s what made me really want to get behind this project and put it on the biggest platform possible to get as many people to see this thing because it’s a human thing at this point, you know? It’s the humanity element of it all.”

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