Michael B. Jordan Spoils Lori Harvey For Valentine’s Day, Buys Her Hermès Stocks


The romance is only heating up between Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey. The actor and his social media influencer girlfriend only recently came forward to reveal their relationship after being spotted traveling to Atlanta and Utah during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Individually, Michael and Lori are quite private about their personal lives, especially their relationships, but together, they’re giving the world an inside look at their love.

Lori and her “Nugget,” her words, not ours, enjoyed Valentine’s Day the way a young and rich couple should. According to Lori, Jordan rented out an area at an aquarium and had it decorated in flowers. It was all set up in a tunnel where they had a private, up-close-and-personal look at the turtles as they delighted in each other’s company over a special meal.

Later, Lori also shared that in addition to everything her man had already done for her on Valentine’s Day, he gifted her with Hermès stocks, as well. While other men bought their significant others Birkins, Jordan took things to another level. Take a look at how these two celebrated their love lavishly by swiping below.