Michael Blackson Clowns 50 Cent For Mentioning His Debt In Walk Of Fame Speech


50 Cent was honoured by the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday when he received his own star on the famous boulevard. Along with Fifty’s longtime friend, Eminem, who made a speech at the induction ceremony praising the recipient, comedian Michael Blackson also attended the exciting event in order to support Fifty and pay off his debt to him. Back in August, Michael borrowed some bills from Fif at the strip club, and failed to pay him back until now. Michael took to Instagram to reminisce on how the two friends met, and insisted that he would be bringing the money he owes Fif to the induction ceremony.

On a separate post, Michael shared a snippet of Fifty’s speech, in which Fif confessed that something “must have happened” to his speech, since the pages were all conveniently blank. He then spots the comedian in the crowd and calls him out. 

Michael took the opportunity to clown Fif for this move, pointing out that he “came with a blank speech then mentioned my name for no damn reason.” He congratulates Fifty and tells him that he is “welcome to my village anytime.” He followed this up with a video of himself staying true to his word and officially paying Fif back, in which he can be seen actually waving the bills in the air.

Fifty also confirmed on Instagram following the ceremony that Michael had paid off his debt and that the two were on good terms again. Fif’s quick forgiveness might have something to do with his recent vow not to start arguments with anyone anymore.

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