Michael Christmas Releases New Single, “Young And Foolish”


Michael Christmas returned last week with two new tracks, “Young and Foolish” and “Lil Bit O’ Weed.”

The first of which is an introspective track about the music industry, drugs, money, and the end of the world. It’s got uptempo production and a catchy vocal sample.

Christmas last released music in October 2019, when he dropped his latest album Baggy Eyes 2. The project is a followup to Baggy Eyes, which released in the same year.

Check out “Young and Foolish” below:

Quotable Lyrics:

I know how the music industry can use your influence
To make another n***a like you, it’s just that n***a clueless
I hate preaching about this shit because I know that shit is useless

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/michael-christmas-releases-new-single-young-and-foolish-new-song.1986853.html

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