Michael Irvin Hilariously Creates New Word For Stephen A. Smith


Perhaps one of the greatest rivalries on sports talk television right now is the one between Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin. Irvin was a phenomenal wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys although now he is seen as the mouthpiece of the team. Every time the team wins or loses, he comes through with an exception take that makes you question his sanity a little bit. There is no denying just how much Irvin loves his Cowboys although sometimes that love is obsessive.

The antithesis to Irvin is none other than Smith who absolutely despises the Cowboys. Every time Irvin is a guest on First Take, Smith annoys the hell out of him and it makes for some amazing television. In the clip below, Irvin claims Smith isn’t seeing the Cowboys reality properly and instead, is using his own “you-ality.”

Of course, “your-ality” is not a word but when these two start to debate, it’s not surprising that made up words come to the surface. Irvin is convinced the Cowboys will win the NFC East but as of right now, it’s up in the air. They have to defeat the Eagles on Sunday is they want any chance at making the playoffs which is certainly a tall task.

Who do you have winning that game? The Eagles or the Cowboys?

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