Michael Jackson & Prince Hypothetical IG Live Battle Sheet Circulates Online


With all of the real-life Verzuz battles that have recently stormed our timelines, it was only a matter of time before fans began imagining match-ups that we’ll sadly never see. Yet, the forbidden question has been presented: Who would take the Instagram Live Battle crown in a head-to-head music bout between Michael Jackson and Prince?

The pair of icons were born just months apart and went on to become two of the most celebrated musicians in history. Their lives were fraught with controversies—albeit vastly different—and they both left us far too soon. Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest as a result of a combination of drugs in his system, while Prince passed away from an accidental overdose. Even with the tragic circumstances surrounding the ends of both their lives, it’s how they lived, the art they created, and the music they made that remains their lasting legacies.

Someone has imagined what a Live Battle between these greats would look like, and even laid out what songs would face-off. People are asked to fill out which song would win each round, or if it would be a tie. Of course, the song choices could be moved around, but the question still remains: Who would come out as the winner? Michael Jackson or Prince? Check out the photo below and let us know what you think.

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