Michael Jai White Talks Cuba Gooding Jr’s “Wild” Ways: “His Nickname Was ‘Butt Naked'”


The #MeToo movement has set its sights on Hollywood’s elite, causing many beloved stars’ reputations to plummet as adoring fans turn into social justice warrior foes. Cube Gooding Jr. is one of those famous figures who only in recent months has amassed a startling near-two dozen accusers who have come forward with claims of sexual misconduct.

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Over the years, there has been video footage of a drunken Cuba at bars or parties, but some women now say those places were exactly where the accomplished actor groped or inappropriately touched them. Cuba has come forward to adamantly deny the accusations against him while the court of public opinion rakes him through the coals. 

Actor Michael Jai White was stunned when VladTV told him that 22 women have spoken against Cuba, but he added that his wild ways have been well-known in Hollywood for years. Vlad referenced an interview he did with comedian Lunnell who stated that when Cuba gets drunk “he gets handsy with the women.”

Michael said he “not surprised” by the accusations, but “Cuba’s a wild boy, that’s never been hidden.” The actor added that Cuba would tell everyone that his nickname was “Butt Naked” because “for 20 years he just would drop [trousers] in public. He did that a lot.” White stressed that Cuba has called himself that, “so that’s something nowadays is completely frowned upon, so when I say I’m not surprised, it’s not because he’s a lecherous person. I just think people are… They’re on a witchhunt for it, to some degree.”

White claims he’s never been drunk but he recognizes that it can cause people to do things they may regret. Because Cuba likes to drink and party, his “wild” antics were apart of “how he was fun.” Although White can’t say anything about whether or not Cuba has crossed the line with anyone, he can say that he never heard about anyone complaining back in the day. Watch White’s full clip below.

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