Michael Jai White Talks Terry Crews Being Sexually Assaulted: “I Would Kill Somebody!”


When Terry Crews came forward with claims that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive, the #MeToo movement rallied behind the actor. Crews detailed a story of being groped by an agent back in 2016 and he even attempted to file charges against his assailant. While there were a select few who championed the actor for coming forward, there were others who questioned why he didn’t do something about it when the incident occurred.

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Actor Michael Jai White recently talked about Terry’s #MeToo accusations and shared that he couldn’t understand the perspective of not attacking a man who would make such a move. “There’s a part of me that’s just kind of like… I can’t put myself in that situation because I don’t have that,” White said. “If somebody… I’m gonna… I would kill somebody!” Awkwardly, White was asked what he would do if a gay man grabbed his privates. “I would probably hit him in the solar plexus really hard,” the actor said. “It wouldn’t leave a big mark but he would be down.”

“I wonder if the guy was drunk or something,” White added about the man who violated Terry. It was mentioned that the man was the head of one of Hollywood’s leading talent agencies. “Dude, you can have a f*cking gun in your hand and I’d f*ck you up if you did that. I just come from a different place. It doesn’t matter. If I got to go, I got to go. No.”

White said that if it was a “five foot two and 115 pounds” man he would think about giving him a pass because he doesn’t want to seriously kill anyone.”I’d publicly humiliate you, pick you up by the seat of your [pants]. I would do something that was so humiliating that you can’t show your face again.”

It was also noted that Terry didn’t want to come across as the big black man who was the aggressor, and White stated that Terry has gone to great lengths in his career to not be received in that light. However, White doesn’t care and reiterates that a beat down would have occurred. “It’s just a different thing,” he said. “I know and I live with the fact that if somebody disrespects me, my whole career could be in jeopardy. But from a jail cell, I will tell my children this is who I am. That’s just me.” Watch his clip in full below.

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