Michael Jordan’s Dennis Rodman-Vegas Story Leads To Hilarious Memes


Last night, basketball fans were blessed with another two episodes of “The Last Dance” which is the documentary that follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their championship run in the 1997-98 season. Episodes three and four were heavily dedicated to none other than Dennis Rodman who was known as basketball’s best rebounder, as well as a man who loved to party and live his own life.

As MJ describes, there was a moment during the 97-98 season where Rodman stopped caring about basketball and asked the team for a vacation. Typically, you can’t just take a vacation in the middle of the season but head coach Phil Jackson made the exception and let Rodman go to Las Vegas for 48 hours.

Dennis Rodman

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jordan was very skeptical about Rodman coming back on time and his skepticism was eventually validated. In the end, it took Rodman a full 81 hours before Jordan and Jackson hopped on a flight to Vegas and brought him back to Chicago themselves. Hilariously enough, Rodman was still in good shape as he was outrunning all of his teammates in practice.

This Rodman story was certainly the highlight of the latest batch of episodes and some incredible memes came out of it, as well. Check out some of those memes, below.

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