Michael Jordan’s Struggles With The Pistons Leads To Twitter Antics


Michael Jordan’s struggles against the Detroit Pistons back in the late 1980s are well-documented. Of course, Isiah Thomas and his teammates kept Jordan from making it to the finals, that is until 1991 when Jordan finally broke through and won his first title. Jordan still has a huge grudge against Thomas and the Pistons and luckily for basketball fans, this feud was on full display in the latest episode of “The Last Dance.”

Throughout the episode, we got to see the Pistons and their special “Jordan rules.” Basically, whenever MJ had the ball, the Pistons players would rough him up to make sure he could never take flight. This made it almost impossible for Jordan to score and led to an immense amount of frustration.

For many young fans, this was the first time they were being made aware of the Pistons’ bold strategy. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that some hilarious memes were created on Twitter as a way to make light of the situation. Many of these memes showcased a man being beaten up for ganged up on, with users saying the culprits were just like the Pistons.

Needless to say, “The Last Dance” has been an incredible source of inspiration for meme enthusiasts and we can’t help but laugh at all of it.

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