Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” Debut Leads To Incredible Memes


Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time although it doesn’t take a genius like myself to figure that one out. Sarcasm aside, Jordan and his 1997-98 Chicago Bulls are now the subject of a 10 ESPN docuseries called the “The Last Dance. Last night, the first two episodes of the documentary were aired and fans were extremely excited to see what the series was all about and how it would approach the Bulls’ tumultuous championship-winning season.

What was immediately apparent is how the docuseries jumped around from era to era. There were parts that focused on MJ’s early days with the Bulls as well as the aforementioned 97-98 season. The most interesting parts were those in which Michael and Scottie Pippen absolutely eviscerate Bulls GM Jerry Krause at every opportunity. We learn that Pippen was underpaid and absolutely despised Krause, while Jordan had a lot of distrust for the people working in management.

As social media tends to do during these types of television events, a lot of memes were made and they were all pretty damn good. There were plenty of opportunities to make jokes and the fans didn’t disappoint. Perhaps some of our favorites are those that include LeBron James, who is an innocent bystander in all of this. Regardless, enjoy some of the jokes, below.

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