Michael Rapaport Claims Kevin Durant Threatened Him, Shares DMs


His unfiltered commentary often causes friction, but no one expected Michael Rapaport to engage in a heated back and forth with Kevin Durant. The actor decided to air out the NBA star on social media by sharing a set of screenshots of a DM conversation. It seems that the beginning exchange occurred a few days before Christmas 2020. Durant sent Rapaport a screenshot of a tweet where the actor says Durant was “deeply in his feelings” during an interview after a game and added that the ball player is “super sensitive about everything.” Durant replied, “U a b*tch.”

Kevin Durant, Michael Rapaport, Beef, Instagram
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Rapaport defended his statement before Durant explained why he acted the way he did during the interview, and later, Rapaport took aim at the Brooklyn Nets baller once again in his Instagram Story. Durant noticed the tag and was about that life. “I swear ima spit in your face when I see your dirty ass,” Durant allegedly wrote. “Bet your life on it.” Then, Durant dropped off locations where they could meet face-to-face.

when he noticed that the tension was going beyond a conversation, Rapaport deviates to telling Durant to help children in Brooklyn. Durant wasn’t moved. “You a b*tch for even caring how I do an interview,” he wrote. “All u do is c*ck suck other men for attention. Trump didn’t pay attention to your sorry ass so now u wanna use everybody else to get views and laughs. Your life is a joke u F*ckin pale c*ck sucker.”

Michael Rapaport, Kevin Durant, DMs
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There were more screenshots that showed a stream of messages allegedly from Durant as he teased Rapaport for suing someone for defamation of character. “How p*ssy are you. Your wife doesn’t even respect your b*tch ass.” In the caption, Rapaport claimed that Durant threatened his life. Viewers have speculated that Rapaport may have delted his responses before posting the screenshots, but that hasn’t been proven.

“As most of you know, I receive threats and disgusting messages DAILY, but never in my wildest dreams did I think @easymoneysniper would be among them,” Rapaport wrote in the caption. “The [snake emoji] himself is now threatening me, bringing up my wife and wants to fight. This is supposed to be America’s sweetheart right? KD didn’t get ‘hacked’ either. Hold this L champ.”

As expected, the internet didn’t disappoint with its reactions. Check out a few posts below.