Michael Rapaport Roasts Kevin Durant Following Knicks Comments: Watch


Kevin Durant isn’t even playing this season and Knicks fans are already mad at him. It was bad enough that KD signed with the Brooklyn Nets this offseason but last week, Durant rubbed salt in the wound by saying the Knicks weren’t “cool” anymore. The two-time NBA Champions made these comments while appearing on Hot 97 so, of course, the clip blew up and went viral.

Even though Durant has a point, you can’t expect Knicks fans to just roll over and accept such slander. While speaking to TMZ, Michael Rapaport sounded off on KD’s comments and told him to worry about other things as the season gets under way.

“You got a big task in front of you — you and your flat-earth friend, Kyrie Irving — don’t worry about the New York Knicks right now,” the comedian said. “You should just be chilling in a hyperbolic chamber getting your blood spun so we can see you back on the court.”

Rapaport went on to say that he hopes to see Durant back on the court soon even if he might be making disparaging comments about the Knicks. With KD and Kyrie on the Nets for the longterm, it’s clear who will be winning the battle of New York for years to come.

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