Michael Strahan Confirms Fixed Tooth Gap Was An April Fools’ Prank


Michael Strahan is a legendary player in the history of the New York Giants and his Super Bowl with the team is further proof of what he meant to the franchise and the NFL. Since his time in the league, Strahan has become a National star in the world of broadcasting as he can be found hosting numerous morning shows while also lending his time to analyzing football. 

In terms of Strahan’s looks, many know him for the gap in his two front teeth which has been a staple of his appearance. Despite this, Strahan surprised his fans on Wednesday by showing off his new smile. In the clip below, you can see that Strahan had the gap closed, and many were shocked by the whole thing.

Today, however, Strahan dropped a two-minute video on his Instagram account where he spoke about the responses he had received in light of his dental work. At the end of the clip, Strahan revealed that it was all just a big April Fools’ joke and he even flashed his smile to reveal that the gap was still very much there.

Needless to say, the crisis has been averted here as Strahan will continue to work with the look that has stuck with him throughout his entire career.

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 Michael Strahan

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