Michael Thomas Trolls The Minnesota Vikings Following Loss To 49ers


It appears Michael Thomas was quite happy to see the Minnesota Vikings take a beating today at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. Following the 27-10 victory, the Saints WR took to Twitter to call out the Vikings for talking all that shit, but coming up short as well.

“Thats what y’all get,” Thomas tweeted out first, before going at the WR’s for their lack of receptions and acknowledging he had broken hand last week during his loss to Vikings. “Y’all talked all that 💩 I don’t think anyone got more than 1 catch.  I had 7 with a broken hand I don’t want to hear it 😂” he added.

After fans were coming back at Thomas with stats showing Diggs, Thielen, Cook and even TE Irv Smith all had multiple catches, Thomas had to respond, saying garbage time catches doesn’t count. “GARBAGE TIME YARDS DO NOT COUNT. CUT OFF THE GAME I CANT RELATE.” he added.

Thomas wasn’t the only Saints player to voice his satisfaction at the Vikings loss however. Fellow teammate Jordan Cameron also voiced his opinion on the matter in a non verbal way, asking Vikings to come take a seat next to him on the couch for the rest of the playoffs. See his reaction (below).

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