Michael Vick Explains What’s Gone Wrong With Mitch Trubisky: Watch


Michael Vick is one of the most iconic quarterbacks to ever play the game thanks to his unique blend of running and passing the football. Due to legal reasons that are well-publicized at this point, Vick lost touch with his career and when he came back to the NFL, he wasn’t able to reclaim his status as one of the best in the league. Despite this, Vick still knows a ton about the game and when it comes to the topic of quarterbacks, he is exceptionally knowledgeable.

During a recent appearance on FS1’s Speak For Yourself, Vick spoke about the struggles of Bears QB Mitch Trubisky who has been awful this season. As Vick explains, the team should think about changing the offensive playbook because it’s obvious that Trubisky doesn’t feel comfortable out there.

“I think the worst thing for Mitch right now is to be benched,” Vick said. “He’s in his third year, and he’s an investment. For some quarterbacks it takes time. But I’ll say this, it’s Matt Nagy’s decision, and Matt Nagy is responsible for Mitch Trubisky. He’s responsible for making sure that this guy can go out and play better than what he played (vs. Eagles).”

Whether Trubisky is able to regain his confidence remains to be seen although it will certainly be one of the biggest storylines as the season rolls on. The team is at 3-5 and their chances of making the playoffs continue to get slimmer.

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