Michael Vick’s Pro Bowl Honor Leads To Huge Petition Against Him


Michael Vick’s history in the NFL has been well documented. His career started off with a ton of promise and some felt like he had the skill to be one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. In the prime of his career, Vick was arrested and convicted for running a dogfighting ring and ended up serving over a year in prison before coming back to the NFL. By the time he came back, the damage was done to his reputation and he was never able to continue being the QB he once was.

This year, Vick will be honored in the 2020 Pro Bowl as an honorary captain. While some fans think this is a positive thing, many are appalled at Vick being given such an accolade. In fact, numerous petitions have gone up online which are calling for Vick to be removed from the game. A change.org from Jonna Lind already has close to 200,000 signatures while a petition from Alladin Nation has 150,000 signatures, according to Clutch Points.

Logan Riely/AAF/Getty Images

“Mike Vick does not deserve the honor of being Pro Bowl Captain. He is a convicted felon and a known animal abuser, is this who we want our children to look up to? Disney, how could you condone this?? There are so many players that have made amazing contribution to society, however Michael Vick is not one of them,” Aladdin Nation wrote.

It doesn’t seem like the NFL has budged on their decision although this is certainly an interesting story to watch. Since being released from prison, Vick has been the face of anti-dog fighting campaigns and has made real strides to fix his mistakes from the past. Stay tuned for updates on this as we will be sure to bring them to you.

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