Mick Jenkins Cuts Deep On “Different Scales”


Mick Jenkins has a talent for crafting vivid lyrics that illustrate his message clearly. Although he does that well all throughout The Circusthe outro “Different Scales” is the clearest example of that skill. A somber piano and painful synths collide to create a cinematically angsty track that resonates.

Jenkins picks his rhymes carefully, hitting words on the offbeat and then speeding the flow up to catch back up with himself. The yo-yo like flow is hypnotizing. Produced by Chirashe & Martin $ky, the instrumental will pull you in immediately. Jenkins’ lyrical ability is on full display here; he unleashes intricate wordplay, poetic mastery, and emotional depth.  “Different Scales” cuts deep and is the perfect outro for The Circus.

Quotable Lyrics
Would come unleavened and the water only trickle down
Needed pumpernickel, wasn’t fucking with the fickle minds
This shit would get bumpy over time if we pickle beets
They just want the hooks, got me out here fighting sickle cell
Niggas sound like crooks in front of cameras, I hear crickets now
Have some art commissioned more than living off the ticket sales
You for the ‘Gram, we weighing this shit on different scales

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