Mick Jenkins Flexes On “The Fit”


Mick Jenkins recently blessed the world with The Circus EP, a brief but impressive project. It showcases Mick’s maturity. In just 20 minutes, he delivers a range of emotions. “The Fit,” a later entry on the EP, is built like a single but plays like an album cut. The wobbly instrumental sounds like space travel would feel, and is somewhat disorienting at times. Still, Mick glides over the production with his bassy drawl. 

Mick doesn’t flex often, but he shows off a little bit on “The Fit.” The Chicago artist finds a way to spiral some conscious vibes into the braggadious raps though, giving the track a hearty feeling. “The Fit” displays the artist’s wordplay and flow on a top level.

Quotable Lyrics
How refreshin’ it look, like these boys relaxin’
What you stand on in them Nikes? I’m just checkin’
I respect the lighter flexin’, fuck a hypebeast
Niggas character so often they come typecast, hm
Eddie Murphy, I ain’t really lacking no character
Don’t try to compare us, apparent we lackin’ in parallel, huh
Just say what I said, my nigga, please don’t try to paraphrase
I had to come off the carousel

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