Migos Preview New “Culture 3” Banger


It’s been well established that Migos will soon be delivering their new album Culture 3 at long last, though we have yet to receive anything confirming a concrete release date. Still, the group has been vocally operating in “album mode,” increasing the pace and previewing a few new snippets from the forthcoming project. Now, Quavo has come through to share another promising preview, further signaling the imminence of their climactic Culture chapter. 


Rich Fury/Getty Images

“Don’t Nun Get Straighten But STRAIGHTEN!” captions Quavo, alongside a clip from what appears to be an upcoming music video. “In this game sit back be patient,” raps Quavo, who sounds like he’s got a chip on his shoulder. “N***as act like the game went vacant, n***as act like sumthin been taken / ain’t nothin but a little bit of straightenin’ / been kicking shit popping out daily.” The clip ends, but it’s enough to set a tone, one that suggests that the Atlanta trifecta is looking to make a statement.

Having previously hinted that Culture 3 would be a return to the group’s formative sound, many have been excited to see how the group bounces back from the lackluster response of the second chapter. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Migos aren’t about to disappoint with this one, as everything we’ve heard so far suggests a welcome sense of urgency and hunger. Check out this latest snippet below, and sound off if you’re looking forward to their new album.