Mike Tyson Helps Serena Williams Show Off Her Boxing Skills: Watch


Mike Tyson is one of the most iconic and legendary boxers of all-time and over the last few weeks, he has been giving everyone he comes in contact with some boxing lessons. Tyson packed one of the hardest punches ever and used to knock out fellow opponents in almost no time whatsoever. His experience in the ring makes him a great person to receive advice from and recently, Serena Williams got to experience his world.

Thanks to the video below, we can see Williams wearing some boxing gloves and delivering some punches on a bag. Tyson is right next to her the whole time and is giving her advice on how to punch and land some significant strikes. Based on the way the bag is moving, Williams has a fairly powerful punch which is something Tyson noted in his IG post.

Williams probably won’t be pursuing a career in boxing anytime soon although it’s pretty cool to see her participating in a sport other than tennis. Most professional athletes wear many hats and Williams is showing everyone that she can pack a punch. As for Tyson, he could certainly make a career for himself training celebrities in the world of boxing.

Would you like to see Williams in the ring one day?

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