Mike Tyson Nearly Attacked By Crazy Fan After Roy Jones Jr. Fight: Report


The big show on Saturday (November 28) night may have been in the ring, but there was almost an altercation after the bout was over. Boxing champs Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. faced off in an exhibition match at the Staples Center last weekend, resulting in a draw. However, it’s reported that a fan thought it would be wise to step to Tyson after the fight, and thankfully, Tyson was able to laugh off the prodding instead of taking him on.

According to a report by TMZ, Mike Tyson and his entourage were reportedly exiting the venue when he bumped into a group of adoring fans waiting for a familiar famous face to sign autographs and take pictures. Tyson happily obliged, and as he was making his way over to the small group, a man decided to yell at the prized fighter. It seemed that the man challenged Tyson and wanted to know why he couldn’t fight the boxer.

The outlet states that Tyson made light of the situation and joked with the man that if he did accept his challenge, he wouldn’t fare too well. Then, the deranged man took a swing at Tyson before reaching into his waistband as if he was going to pull out some sort of weapon. Tyon’s team immediately jumped into action and diffused the situation, but the man reportedly ran off before anyone could question him. 

It’s said that some members of Tyson’s team recognized the man from another event where he also caused a scene.