Mike Tyson Reveals His Dream 4/20 Smoke Buddy


Mike Tyson has been a big advocate for marijuana and its decriminalization, over the past few years. He even has his very own Tyson Ranch where he grows his own strains of weed for his own smoking pleasure. With this in mind, it should be surprising to absolutely no one that he is a big believer in 4/20 celebrations. Of course, today is the big day which means millions of people around the world are smoking some of their finest weed to mark the occasion.

Tyson was so excited to talk about 4/20 today that he joined TMZ Sports for an exclusive interview where he discussed what the day means to him. As he explained, 4/20 isn’t just about getting high. It is a day to celebrate love and to also think about all of the progress the drug has made over the years. Tyson even went so far as to say that Marijuana should be the drug of the world.

From there, Tyson was asked who he would love to be smoking with on 4/20. The legendary boxer noted that Bob Marley would be the perfect smoke buddy and that he wishes he had gotten to meet him back in his youth. 

Needless to say, Tyson has been having himself a pretty euphoric 4/20. We’re sure there are many people out there who feel the same way right now.


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