Miley Cyrus Exposes Her Nipples On Instagram


Miley Cyrus has been all over the news circuit for the last couple of months. It feels like she’s been living her best life for quite some time, cycling through romantic partners and finding the right person for her. When things don’t work out, she doesn’t take any downtime. She moves right on to the next person and tries again. After enjoying her summer with Liam Hemsworth, Kaitlynn Carter, and other partners, she’s been getting close to pop star Cody Simpson. Recently, those two have been making headlines all around the world but Miley found herself in some solo stories this week after she posted a very racy photo to her social media profiles. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In an attempt to point out the double standard put forth by Instagram and their community guidelines, several stars have taken to intentionally breaking the rules and “freeing the nipple” to send a message. As reported by Cosmopolitan, Cyrus was the latest celebrity to do so, posting a shot of herself in a see-through white cropped tank top, exposing her breasts for the world to see. “I’m getting more basic by the day,” wrote the singer, making a duck face in the picture. “PS this is getting removed soon! I’ve been warned by the gram gods,” she added, acknowledging the fact that this sort of content is generally removed within minutes.

The image is unfortunately too NSFW for us to include but you can still find it on her page. Miley Cyrus is just going to continue living her life and there’s nothing we can do about it. Keep on being a free spirit.


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