Miley Cyrus Shows Off With Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes”


Miley Cyrus loves to be a little edgy. She infamously sparked a joint on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and has been accused of cultural appropriation a few times. Despite all the criticism, she continues to prove that she’s really about that life. 

If you didn’t check social media over the weekend and you’re just getting caught up, you’re likely hearing about Lil Nas X’s latest scandal, which revolves around his sneaker collaboration with MSCHF. The rapper designed a pair of shoes with the company, releasing only 666 pairs and using heavy Satanic imagery on them, even including a drop of human blood. The sneakers sold out in less than a minute but Miley Cyrus made sure to get her hands on a pair, flexing with them on Instagram.

“Can you see Satan?” asked the pop star on her latest gallery, which shows her sitting on a vintage Land Rover. She tagged Lil Nas X on the shoes, proudly rocking them at a band rehearsal. “ONE OF THE BOYZ,” she added.

The shoes have proven to be extremely controversial, becoming a trending topic over the weekend as everyone from Candace Owens to Joyner Lucas shares their unfavorable opinions. Miley Cyrus is another voice that the youth has gravitated towards. Are you surprised that she’s openly connecting herself to the scandalous shoes?

Ian Gavan/Getty Images