Minnie Mouse Throws Hands At Security Guard In Vegas, Mickey & Goofy Get Involved


This may not be the sort of headline you usually see on our site, but we felt compelled to share this footage with you. The Las Vegas strip recently turned into a mix of Disney Land and Fight Club when a woman dressed in a Minnie Mouse decided to square up on a security guard. 

While the video shared by TMZ starts out with the security guard approaching Minnie and throwing a punch, our best guess would be that the altercation stemmed from the entertainer not having the proper permit to publicly entertain. Minnie, who has lost the head of her costume, aggressively swings at the security guard, pulling her opponent’s hair and landing several blows to the face.

Mickey gets involved by trying to pull his boo off the fallen security guard. Minnie continues to go H.A.M. until she iconically shouts, “I ain’t no bitch, bitch!” and takes off with her cartoon shoes in hand. Oh yeah, Goofy was there too, but staying true to his character, he was pretty spaced-out. He stood idly by, not partaking much in this surreal fight. 

According to TMZ, law enforcement has no interest investigating this mess unless either of the parties come forward. 

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