Mir Fontane Goes To A Dark Place On 3-Track EP, “This Pain Different”


Mir Fontane has really been going through it. The New Jersey rapper dropped an EP on New Year’s Eve, and the devastating account of suicidal thoughts and reflections on better days shows that Fontane did enter 2020 in high spirits. The feelings evoked from This Pain Different are truly all there in the title, as he navigates his suffering on the 3 tracks that make up the EP. On the opening track, “TURTLE TIME,” Fontane reluctantly invites his listeners into his hideaway, indicating that things have been moving in slow motion lately following the death of a close friend. His defeated, drawn out delivery makes the chorus, “I’ve been moving in turtle time/ You see I’d much rather stay inside/ And ever since I heard my homie died/ I just feel guilty living my life,” that much more heartbreaking.

On “GG (Good Game),” he expresses the same doubts about “making it to 25” as “TURTLE TIME,” and shares his devastation with losing his friend and his girl again on “FEEL THE SAME.” However, sonically, these tracks don’t hit as hard or cut as deep, likely because neither of them were produced by the same person as the first. In fact, all three tracks boast different producers, so while, thematically and lyrically, Fontane tackles similar subject matter on all 3 tracks, each song sounds different from the last, which keeps the tape fresh and prevents it from becoming too difficult to sit with.


2. GG (Good Game)

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