Missy Elliott Springs To Life At The Museum In “Cool Off” Visuals


Arguably, Missy Elliott has always been living and breathing art in motion, and now that notion is virtually undeniable. The unique and innovative artist brought this concept to life in the most literal sense for the visuals of her song, “Cool Off,” the final single off her most recent project, Iconology, to receive an accompanying music video. The visuals, directed by Daniel Russell, see Missy taking the form of various pieces of art in a museum, accompanied by a talented dance crew. Missy begins as a bronze-statue surrounded by matching, levitating robotic dancers. Within 15 seconds, the museum hall transforms into a neon, 80s-themed night club with flashing lights and uniforms to match. Missy aptly turns into a giant Roly Poly doll, decked out in a kaleidoscope of colours while she tilts back and forth. Shots of the statue scene and retro scene are interspersed with comic strip text reading “Cool Off!” and stuntmen goofing around on alarmingly high stilts.

Near the end of the video, Teyana Taylor makes an appearance as a museum guide, reprising her role from Missy’s “DripDemeanor” video back in October. Teyana tells a young girl about the woman—Missy—featured in all the paintings on the wall at the museum, describing her as “the greatest, most timeless woman of all time.” She’s definitely got a point there.

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/missy-elliott-springs-to-life-at-the-museum-in-cool-off-visuals-new-video.46133.html

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