Mitchell Robinson Comments On Fracturing His Foot


This season has been massive for the New York Knicks who continue to win and put themselves in position for a playoff appearance. It’s hard to believe this is the case considering where the team was just a year ago, although their roster is filled with solid talent who truly believe in the program that is being brought forth by Tim Thibodeau. For instance, last night, the Knicks defeated the Milwaukee Bucks to bring their record to 24-22.

Unfortunately, the Knicks lost out on a player as Mitchell Robinson fractured his foot. Robinson came back from a fractured hand recently, which makes this new injury that much more devastating. After the game, Robinson took to Twitter to describe how he felt about it all.

“Been taking a beating all year long smfh,” he wrote. The injury also came as a bit of a surprise to the likes of Derrick Rose who is Robinson’s teammate. In fact, Rose learned of the injury while being interviewed on Live TV after the game, and he seemed to be quite shaken up by the news.

This is obviously a disappointing setback for Robinson, although he has the Knicks fans behind him, which will certainly make the recovery process a bit more bearable.

Mitchell Robinson

Michael Reaves/Getty Images