Mobb Deep, Nas & Raekwon Linked Up For Classic “Eye For An Eye”


Were somebody to tally up all the hip-hop classics in an attempt to construct an essential guide of sorts, it’s likely there’d be plenty of space dedicated to Mobb Deep’s sophomore album The Infamous. Quickly approaching its twenty-fifth anniversary, the Mobb’s epic project remains an integral chapter in the greater story of New York hip-hop.

Penned by the minds of Havoc and the late Prodigy, the album arrived at the height of a burgeoning and highly creative wave of young emcees, collectively shaping the sound of the Big Apple’s golden era. There was a certain sense of dread to be found within Mobb Deep’s music, one that helped imbue their music with a permeating tension. No more was that more evident than on the Havoc-laced “Eye For An Eye,” a menacing boom-bap banger that featured two of the game’s best lyricists in Raekwon and Nas. 

Consider that “Eye For An Eye” emerged during a time where stacked posse cuts were a frequent occurrence, sparking debates over the best verse that still carry forward to this day. Given the pedigree of the four emcees involved with this one, it’s unlikely that a clear consensus will ever be reached — who do you think killed it the hardest? 


A drug dealer’s dream
Stash CREAM, keys on a triple beam
Five hundred SL green, ninety-five nickle gleam
Condominium, thug dressed like the gentleman
Tailor-made ostrich, Chanel for my women friend
Murdering, numbers on your head while I’m burglaring


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