MoneyBagg Yo’s “Clout Chaser” Tweet Is Allegedly About This Girl


Anybody that caught wind of MoneyBagg Yo’s social activity this week — specifically one tweet about a “clout chaser” in his life — may be interested in seeing the post that seemingly ticked the rapper off. The Memphis-based recording artist has been in the news circuit for months because of his romantic involvement with Megan Thee Stallion. We’re not too sure what’s happening with them but, apparently, before those two linked up, Bagg was in a commited relationship with one woman who’s now sharing his dirt around.

As they always manage to do, The Shade Room found evidence of a woman who is accusing MoneyBagg Yo of being in a relationship with her prior to linking up with Hot Girl Meg. In fact, she wrote an entire lengthy post about their bond, even going so far as to say he raps about her in one of his records. “It broke my heart in a CAZILLION pieces to see him running round with Megan,” wrote the female. “He told me he’ll get me knocked off if I ever mentioned anything! So I never said nothing but I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM.”

For what it’s worth, Bagg appears to be dissuading the public away from her story. While he hasn’t called her out by name, his Twitter feed is filled with posts about people being ingenuine and making up stories to get attention. One can only assume he’s referring to this. 

Homegirl is taking a big step by going public with this, especially if what she’s saying about Bagg’s threats are true.


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