Montana Yao Suggests Malik Beasley’s Parents Made Racist Remarks


After a four-month romance, Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley have decided to drop the drama and move on. The 46-year-old wife of Scottie Pippen recently sparked a romance with the 24-year-old married Minnesota Timberwolves star and to say that it was controversial is an understatement. Pippen was called a homewrecker, an allegation she adamantly denies, while Beasley stood accused of cheating on his wife, Montana Yao.

While Beasley remained relatively silent about his relationship with Pippen, Yao has continuously come forward to share her side of the story. She previously claimed that she learned that her husband was seeing Pippen on the internet like everyone else and now that their relationship has reportedly ended, Yao is calling out Beasley and his supporters for allegedly attempting to paint her in a negative light. She reposted an article that stated their son Makai is Beasley’s son after the basketball star requested a paternity test.

“Makai and I have been put thru HELL and the utmost embarrassment purposely and for no reason, for so long and for too long,” Yao wrote on her Instagram Story. “Him, his parents, and his team have tried so hard to make me out to be the ‘bad guy’ and everything I am not in the media just to defame me and my reputation and to cover and project his own bad behavior onto me. I will continue to remain the woman I am and let the truth reveal itself.”

She later addressed “Asian hate” and mentioned that her “sons other grandparents” have allegedly made racist remarks about Makai. “‘Ramen noodle’ ‘Buddha’ ‘Ching chang Chong’ I tried to play along and embrace it while we were together like it didn’t hurt or effect me but it did and it’s straight up wrong.” She added, “I wanted to us to be a family. I loved my ex and I love my son and wanted a family unit because I grew up with one.”

Read her message in its entirety below.