Motorola RAZR Returns With The Smartphone Treatment: First Look


Motorola’s might be looked at as the typical brand for burner phones but they’re trying to make a major comeback and infiltrate the market of smartphones. Rumors of the RAZR making its return to the game have been circulating for a minute but today, they’ve unveiled the first look of the revamped Motorola Razr. The iconic style is still intact but it does have a full LCD screen that’s foldable. It’s definitely an interesting take on the classic model but the question remains whether it’ll successfully be able to compete with the iPhone and other high-end smartphones.

The new RAZR maintains some of the same characteristics of the original while still keeping it modern. No longer is there a T9 keyboard. Instead, it’s been replaced with a touchscreen keypad. The phone will also be using Android software and also includes a fingerprint scanner. The phone also has 16MP front-facing camera. 

This marks the second time that Motorola has brought back the RAZR, previously dropping the Droid RAZR model. However, this model seems like it could actually bring back the RAZR’s officially. 

The phone will be available for pre-order in January but will officially drop across the U.S. in January. The phone itself is going for a pretty hefty price of $1500. 

Peep some of the photos of the new Motorola RAZR below. 


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