Mozzy’s Returns With New Banger “Boyz To Men”


Mozzy has been steadily releasing new music over the past few weeks and it seems likely that he has a new project on the way. That shouldn’t be shocking seeing as he’s been turning albums around at such a rapid pace. The rapper returned today with his latest record, “Boyz To Men.” Referencing the iconic 90s R&B group, the rapper holds no bars in detailing the ruthless environment he was brought up in and the pivotal events in his life that forced him to become a man at a young age. He reflects on his neighborhood, as well, and the commonality between him and those he grew up with in those circumstances.

It’s another powerful record from Mozzy that hopefully signifies a new album on the way. Check out “Boyz To Men” below. 

Quotable Lyrics
My location is the ghetto, I’m bomfortably boolin’
The Crips love me on the B, n***as fuck with the movement
Lil Jewels prostitutes, blew a bag on the jewels
Blew a stack on Amiris then blew a stack on the shoes


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