MTV Is Now Uploading Full Episodes Of “Cribs” & “Punk’d” To YouTube


These past few weeks have been extremely difficult as we are all locked up in our homes, trying to make it through this quarantine unscathed. It’s easy to get anxious during these trying times and we hope all of our readers out there are taking care of their mental health and staying physically healthy as well.

When you’re all alone in the house, it’s important to find good entertainment that will help you push through all of the bad things that are going on right now. Well, it looks like MTV has people covered as the network has started posting full episodes of old shows on their MTV Vault YouTube page. If you have nostalgia for classic shows like “Cribs” and “Punk’d,” you are going to be absolutely elated to know that the full episodes of these programs are up online, as we speak.

These MTV classics were institutions back in the day and there is no denying their influence on some of the media that we consume now. Among some of the episodes of “Cribs” that you can find on YouTube are the ones with 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. There are now hours worth of old episodes online and this will certainly help you get through the quarantine blues.

Hopefully, MTV will continue to upload even more episodes throughout the next few weeks.



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