Mulatto Releases New Freestyle “No Hook”


Mulatto has become one of the most well-regarded female rappers in the game over the last year, earning media recognition after winning Lifetime’s reality series The Rap Game. The 21-year-old has been criticized because of her controversial name, but she always brushes off the negativity, claiming to solely represent how she views herself. 

Since coming up, Big Latto has seen people change around her. Even people that she’s related to by blood have tried to take advantage of her for clout. She decided to get some weight off of her shoulders by way of a new freestyle, titled “No Hook.”

Dropping the song as a therapeutic measure, Mulatto speaks on all of the damage she’s been through in her life.

Listen to the new freestyle from this rising Atlanta rapper.

Quotable Lyrics:

Dropped 10 bands to beat a case that I ain’t do
How the fuck they book me for some shit with no proof?
Bitch I ain’t forgot how y’all was clownin’ but it’s cool
I’ma sue and get the last laugh on ’em when I’m through


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