Murda Beatz Surrounded By Absolute Mob Of Kangaroos While Visiting Australia


Murda Beatz is in Australia, in case you couldn’t tell. On Thursday, the Canadian producer posted a photo on Instagram of himself just lounging around next to a tree—oh, and he’s surrounded by approximately kangaroos. Okay, there actually appears to be only 14 or 15 of the Australian-native animals in the picture, although it’s difficult to decipher their narrow limbs from the roots on the tree. Murda has his arms open wide to show how proud he is to represent his new crew, even captioning the photo “Steady Mobbin.'”

While he may or may not have known this at the time of posting, a group of kangaroos is, actually, referred to as a “mob,” or a “court” or “troop.” Murda also posted a video prior to the epic photo, in which he can be seen speaking to someone out of frame. “Yo guys, so, I’m not gonna lie man, you know its my first time out here in Australia,” he says, “I really appreciate you guys for looking out for me.” He then shifts the camera to reveal the same absurdly unbothered mob of ‘roos. Rapper Smokepurpp commented on the video, teasing Murda: “Boy this your 6th 1st time in Australia 😂🖤😭.” Murda appears to be visitng the land down under to perform at Festival X in Brisbane.


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