Mysonne Drops Off “I Had A Dream”


Mysonne is one guy who’s stayed true to the game and himself throughout his career. A Bronx native, the rapper’s continued to make sure that the tradition of keeping the pen sharp is alive while pushing messages to, at the very least, spark a thought in your mind. Today is a special day for Mysonne as he slid through with his new project, Soul Not For Sale.

Along with the new project, he came through with the visuals for “I Had A Dream,” the lead single off of the project. With production from Mafioso, Mysonne’s lyrical prowess is shining on this one as he shares a message of hope. The single closes out with a clip from MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Considering it is MLK Jr. day, it’s an appropriate way to close out a song.

Buy the whole project here.

Quotable Lyrics
This is mob ties, late night car drives
Thinkin’ ’bout what it’s gon’ take for us to all rise
We’ve been apart since apartheid
When ‘Pac died, a part of my heart cried
When Nip died, shit is like we all cried
Dudes the kind of kings that deserve to be glorified


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