Mysterious Drones Flying Around Colorado & Nebraska Are Making People “Very Nervous”


Citizens living in Colorado and Nebraska are a little on edge since drones are flying over their homes and neighbourhoods for reasons unknown. According to The New York Times, police in each location have been bombarded with calls and reports of drones with blinking lights and wingspans of six feet hovering over their homes and open fields, prompting a federal investigation. 

Tom Pennington/Getty Images 

“In terms of aircraft flying at night and not being identified, this is a first for me personally,” Sheriff James Brueggeman of Perkins County, Neb. told the publication, detailing how some residents have wanted to shoot them down. “I think it’s kind of a joke, but you have to remember the part of the country we live in. People here don’t like their privacy to be invaded.”

The drones are not breaking any laws but are making people feel anxious and nervous on its motive. “These drones have made residents in our community very nervous and anxious,” Sheriff Todd Combs of Colorado’s Yuma County said in a Facebook post. “People do not like the unknown as it upsets the balance of our lives. I will tell you right up front, I do not have a lot of answers for you at this time. I wish I did, but I do not.”

Colorado’s Sen. Cory Gardner is working with the FAA to get to the bottom of the issue. 


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