N.O.R.E. & Nas Roast Each Other’s Sneakers


N.O.R.E. is back with another hot take. After taking a stand against DJ Vlad, humiliating Tory Lanez, and hitting DJ Drama with one of the most awkward questions of 2021, the Drink Champshost has now taken to social media to roast Nas for wearing Vans.

N.O.R.E. recently shared a video of himself and Nas standing side by side with the caption, “Let’s stop nas from wearing vans u wit me!!???” In the video, fans can see the two veteran artists roasting each other’s footwear after Nas reveals that N.O.R.E. had been getting on him for wearing a pair of the popular skateboarding shoes. While the Drink Champs host mainly gets his jokes off on social media, Nas cites the 1986 movie Rad while defending his choice of footwear before turning his attention to N.O.R.E.’s sneakers, saying, “Them Michael Jordans Incredible Hulks wasn’t out in ’86. In ’86 was the red, blacks, and whites. The f*ck is those!?”

While he kept his tweet simple, N.O.R.E. further expounded upon his thoughts about Nas wearing Vans in one of his recent posts to Instagram, starting his caption off by saying, “@nas is my brother the big homey but in QUEENS WE GO HARD WE GOT JOKES SO I HAD TO TELL HIM NO VANS SLIME HAHA I LOVE BEING FROM QUEENS!!!”

He continued to roast the recent Grammy winner, writing, “I almost ask to throw em away but he the big homey so I relaaax!!! BUT PLEASE LETS BAN NAS FROM WEARING VANS LETS START NOW HE CANT WEAR NO MORE VANS IMMA SEND U THE PAPER TO SIGN HAHA LOVE U BIG BRO.”

Their roasts were clearly just harmless banter between two fellow Hip-Hop legends, but who’s side are you on — Nas’ or N.O.R.E.’s?