“Narcos: Mexico” Season 2 Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Release Next Month


Netflix just dropped a new trailer for the second season of Narcos: Mexico, the widely praised spinoff of the streaming service’s original Narcos series. It was announced way back in December of 2018, quickly following the positive reception of the first season, that Narcos: Mexico would be renewed for a second season, and last month, it was revealed that the second season would premiere on February 13th, 2020. Netflix shared the first trailer for the highly anticipated follow up season earlier this month, in which protagonist Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, now the Godfather of the Guadalajara cartel, attends a tense, suspicious “Last Supper”-style gathering with his crew.

On Wednesday, another trailer dropped to get viewers even more hyped for the return of the critically and commercially successful series. The second season will follow Miguel as he navigates his business with a target on his back, as DEA launches Operation Leyenda following agent Kiki Camarena’s death.

“To understand the current level of drug violence in Mexico you have to understand how it all started, and truly grasp America’s integral role in it,” explained showrunner Eric Newman. “The second season of Narcos: Mexico is a Pandora’s box, the contents of which we still struggle in vain, 30 years later, to try and contain.” Initially intended to be the fourth season of the Narcos series, which premiered in 2015 and centred around drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Mexico was born out of the the creators’ decision to reimagine the show by launching an entirely new series set in 1980s Mexico.

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