Nardwuar Digs Deep Into Tyler, The Creator’s Samples & Gifts Him A Rare Ja Rule Condom: Watch


Tyler, the Creator reunites with Nardwuar The Human Serviette for an interview in Vancouver, British Colombia. The artist was in the city for a show, and visited Nardwuar, the famous Canadian interviewer and musician. Nardwuar really came prepared for the interview, as he spent most of it offering Tyler various gifts, while digging deep into the artist’s musical taste and inspirations. Tyler even mentioned the word ”deep” to describe the interviewer, as Nardwuar references rare and unexpected albums.

This interview really showcased Tyler, the Creator’s music knowledge and creativity. He was also offered gifts, starting with a Fresh Prince of Bel Air doll in honour of Jaden Smith, a Bad Bacomb Vinyl, a Justin Bieber pillow, a Zayn Malik doll, and more. Although Tyler is a fan of wigs, he didn’t like the wig on Zayn Malik’s doll, claiming he looks trash either way. The Justin Bieber pillow was a personal favorite that he even wanted to take home with him, stating ”it’s not the first time I lay on him.” 

Some of these gifts were so deep, that even Tyler himself took a few seconds to realize what they meant. Not only did the interviewer bring out unexpected albums, but he also showed some weird and memorable things, like a Danger Doom cereal bowl, and a rare Ja Rule condom. 

In this interview we can really witness the creativity behind Tyler, the Creator‘s music samples. When Nardwuar asked him how he samples music, the rapper mentioned that he constantly ”lurks” music that’s he never heard before.

Nardwuar ended it by saying ”keep on rocking in the free world” as Tyler, the Creator jokingly responded ”f*ck the free world.” Before the credits rolled in, Tyler, the Creator tried to take advantage of the uncensored opportunity and say something he can’t typically say in other interviews… only he couldn’t think of anything. 


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