Nas Calls Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” The Soundtrack To His Own Life


It’s always nice to see artists pay homage to one another, especially when their impact might very well slide by, otherwise unnoticed. Today, Nas took a moment to show some love to Mary J. Blige, an undeniable legend in the game, and one who has contributed many timeless collaborations to the hip-hop cause. From Dr. Dre to Nas, The Game to Method Man, Mary J. has been a fixture in the game for decades now, carving out a lane as RnB’s longstanding queen.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Now, with the anniversary of My Life in the books, Nas has taken a moment to pay homage to the self-professed soundtrack of his life. “Congrats @therealmaryjblige on 25 Years,” writes Nas,  My Life album was the soundtrack to ‘my life’ went it dropped. This year we did The Royalty Tour together it was an Album celebration every night! Congrats Mary!”

Consider the timeline, which finds Nas coming off the release of Illmatic, steadily rising as a figure to watch in the ridiculously stacked East Coast golden era pantheon. Now, watching his run manifest into a full-fledged co-headlining tour, we can’t help but feel thankful for both artists and everything they’ve given us. Check out the tribute below, and show some love to Mary J. Blige in the comments section. 


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